Rules for Students

The students must take care of the following on the school campus.
The students must always-
  • remember that they are the ambassadors of Pragyan Sthali
  • inculcate values viz. refinements of habits and manners, neatness, punctuality and obedience to elders.
  • speak in english with everyone
  • report to school in proper School uniform
  • bring their school diary to school daily
  • greet a guest, a teacher and an elder wherever they happen to meet them
  • protect and nurture the beauty of the school by all means
  • pick an object lying uncared and deposit it to their class teachers or at the reception
The students must avoid-
  • bringing valuables including costly jewellery, Bluetooth watches, mobile phones etc.
  • damaging school property viz. furniture, wall etc, for such loss will be made, good
  • leaving the school campus during school hours without permission of the Principal
  • running, shouting or whistling anywhere
  • absenting themselves on any assessment/evaluation day, it won't be held again. However, in case of illness, it is mandatory to submit a medical certificate issued by an MBBS doctor.